Tuesday, July 22, 2008

South Dakota is Corn and Rocks

This could be the Corn Palace... you decide!

The retail floor of the Corn Palace.... and you could watch the shoppers from a safe distance! All of those emblems along the top are made of corn. And the outside of the picture above.

Liz says, "we're going over there!"

Over there.

Here's our crib!

Here's looking down from our crib. That path at the bottom's how we got there. Notice the red layer-- that's a different mineral deposit from some geological change many hundreds of thousands of years ago. All of the layers are at about the same height. There's your lesson for the day.

Here's looking out from our crib when we got there.

Me singing loudly. No echo. Those spikes behind me and to the left are what we tried to get past the next morning.

Note the moon.

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